Tears of Repentance

Athanasios Katigas of Sykies (suburb of Thessaloniki, Greece), answered the divine call to a life of repentance after the fervent prayers of his quadriplegic childhood friend Savvas, and the sound instruction of a lay preacher, Panagiotis Panagiotides. Thanasi used the therapeutic discipline of our Church, to free himself from the nets of human passions by practicing strict obedience under his seasoned spiritual father Triantafyllos Xeros. Thanasi's love for Christ did not permit him to leave our Lord at home (as most of us do), but he took Him along on his daily route as a Cab driver. Thanasi's zeal for the word of God initiated hundreds of spiritual conversations, awakenings and transformations in his cab, with clients from all walks of life. Thanasi's genuine simplicity, a simplicity likened to the fishermen of Galilee served as pure oxygen for hundreds of souls that shared the space of his taxi, some battered and gasping for air from the oxidants of the secular lifestyle. In "The Tears of Repentance", printed multiple times in Greece, and hailed by dozens of Bishops, Thanasi relives some of the most intriguing personal and life changing encounters in his 25 year taxi career.

The translation rights were assigned to St. Nicodemos Publications and by the joined effort of Fr. N. Palis/C.Zalalas and not a few volunteers, the Anglophone readers will highly rejoice and find much encouragement in their own journey by contemplating on the power of Christ's word who often bypasses trained theologians "choosing the foolish things in the world to shame the wise" (Cf. 1 Cor. 1:27).

Softcover, 255 pages, published by Saint Nicodemos Publications, October 2015.

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